"If a story is in you, it has to come out."
— William Faulkner

"If a story is in you, it has to come out." — William Faulkner

Message from CWAM president

Assalamualaikom and good day to all of you.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the CWAM website.

CWAM was established in 1986 after the participants from the workshops on case writing felt that there was a need for such an association. They valued the skills that had been imparted by the trainer and felt strongly the need for an organized movement to generate and enhance the use of local management cases. We wish to record our thanks to Dr Martin Laurence for his services and for the financial support given by the Conrad Adeneur Foundation and MIM which had led to the establishment of CWAM.

Much needed support, both morally and financially, from the various academic and training institutions for case studies development have recently gained momentum. The private sector and non-government establishments have also slowly joined the movement to develop local case studies. In 2016, the movement received a significant financial boost when the Ministry of Higher Education allocated a significant amount of funds to finance research and the writing of local cases under the ‘Case Writing Grant Scheme’ (CWGS). Sixty-three case proposals were approved. CWGS is history in the making as there is no record of such funding ever initiated by an Education Ministry in any country for such an initiative. However, such a noble effort is only the beginning. If this continues annually, the availability of local cases will be an important input towards the establishment of a regional education hub in Malaysia as envisaged by the Malaysian government.

Although the pool of local cases is slowly growing amongst the various training institutions, they have not been shared with others because the institutions believed that those cases are their intellectual properties (IPs). We believe that such IPs with their high knowledge content should be made available to others and be given due recognition.

Recognising such a need, CWAM and some of these institutions are working closely with the Ministry of Higher Education to establish the country’s first ‘Case Clearing House’ where all cases in the country and perhaps in the region can be deposited by their respective authors to be shared and be given due recognition. Potential case users will have a one-stop place to shop for cases that are to be used for their training and learning purposes. The case authors will also be rewarded financially by whatever system that the ‘Case Clearing House’ will establish. However, we believe that knowing that their cases are being widely used in many universities or training institutions will provide intrinsic satisfaction to the case authors.

CWAM looks forward to the continuous support of case writers and case users, locally and internationally, to fully achieve its objectives in the future.

We welcome each and everyone to our website.

Thank you.

President, CWAM.